(Bharti Automation & Research Centre)

The Bharti Automation & Research Centre (BARC) brings together robotics, artificial intelligence & IOT-related research, teaching, consulting research & manufacturing. Our mission is to be a focal point where diverse robotics and automation projects are developed alongside each other.
We create a repository of practical solutions and knowledge, and at the same time we can provide a source of inspiration for future developments. We welcome and support any robotics, AI, Machine Learning & IOT application, be it in art, health and wellbeing, or industrial automation.
We can carry out proof of concept experiments in our lab using our variety of robot arms and mobile robots.

Mobile Machines and Vision Laboratory

Mobile Machines and Vision Laboratory (MMVL) is a research group under the Bharti Automation & Research Centre (BARC). The expertise within the MMVL group are diverse but it includes a long standing presence on open-source Computer Vision / Machine Perception, as well as Embedded Systems Engineering and Human Machine Interfaces, in relation to mobile robotics research and its applications.

The main theme of our research is on the connection of artificial perception and physical action. Perception requires extensive processing and interpreting of data generated by sensors. We employ a wide range of perception sensor modalities and sensing technologies, including various types of cameras, ranging lasers and ultrasound devices. Actions are typically performed by robots and multi robot teams, ranging from large to medium and small sized mobile robots. The robots and sensors are applied in structured environments and human machine interactions play an important role.

Mathematics Statistics and Mathematics Education

 Research work of this group includes topics in mathematics and statistics, see individual staff profiles for the full range of research interests. The group also conducts research in mathematics and statistics education, with particular focus on practice-based higher education research.

Integrated Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management

Behind every product and service there is a supply chain. Ever growing globalisation continues to make supply chain operations complex and regular proliferation of innovative technologies is rapidly changing customer behaviours which impact upon operational dynamics of supply chains. Driven by digital technologies presented by Industry 4.0, manufacturing and supply chains continue to present stimulating and varying research challenges.

Integrated Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management Research Group is a multi-disciplinary research team with expertise to address different research facets. It involves Sheffield Hallam academics, their research alumni, selected staff from overseas academic partners and industry associates. Together, this group aims to make advances in integrated manufacturing, logistics and supply management research and make real-world impact through consultancy, knowledge transfer and CPD services.

IOT Home Automation

IOT or internet of things is an upcoming technology that allows us to control hardware devices through the internet. Here we propose to use IOT in order to control home appliances, thus automating modern homes through the internet. This system uses three loads to demonstrate as house lighting and a fan. Our user friendly interface allows a user to easily control these home appliances through the internet. For this system we use an AVR family microcontroller. This microcontroller is interfaced with a wifi modem to get user commands over the internet. Also we have an LCD display to display system status. Relays are used to switch loads. The entire system is powered by a 12 V transformer. After receiving user commands over the internet, microcontroller processes these instructions to operate these loads accordingly and display the system status on an LCD display.

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