Improve your app mileage with Android for Cars App library By Society Of Computer Science

In April, we announced our first version of the Android for Cars App Library as part of Jetpack, reaching a milestone to let developers publish their navigation, parking, charging apps on the Google Play Store.

Today, we’re announcing that version 1.1 is in alpha, which brings the following features to developers:

  • Sign-in template – Allows users to sign in to your app directly from the car screen while parked.
  • Long Message template – Allows you to show long messages like terms of service to users as part of the setup flow while parked.
  • Multiple-length text – Different car screen sizes may show different amounts of text. We added an API you can use. to specify multiple variants of a text string in select templates to fit different screen sizes.
  • Map Interactivity – You can now add capabilities such as zooming and panning to your navigation template.

To start building your app for the car, check out our updated developer documentation, car quality guidelines and design guidelines.

These library features are available for testing only with the Desktop Head Unit. We will announce when these features are available to run in cars in the future.

If you’re interested in joining our Early Access Program in the future, please fill out this interest form for best android Training online. You can get started with the Android for Cars App Library today, by visiting Society Of Computer Science.

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